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Hello there! I've decided to write about all the beauty products I've bought/received since late Jan/starting of  Feb 2013. This is only part 1 of the haul because I still have a few more makeup & skincare that I have yet received.

I'll start off with brow products! Towards the end of 2012 I started filling in my eyebrows and gradually it became a must in my makeup routine. I remember going through quite a few products and trying out different ways of drawing my eyebrows. It never really occurred to me to go out and get this product, I had actually given up hope on ever having nice eye brows.

 Then, I found the ELF eyebrow kit. 

Raved by many youtube gurus over and over again. It was easy for me to get my hands on it as I conveniently saw someone selling it online with a slight exception that it was used. I didn't hesitate the moment i saw the price: SGD $4 with free normal postage. The owner was really professional and sweet too.

Eyes Lips Face aka ELF is not a local brand and it's sold in the US. But elf can be bought at flea markets or at one of SMOOCHIEZZ'S EVENTS. They are pretty affordable and cost not more than SGD $10.

It actually came with a mini double ended brush but I lost it.
I'll rate this an 9/10

Mine is in the shade Dark. The product contain a wax side (the darker brown) and a powder (the lighter brown). I would use the was side to map out the shape and then use the powder to set it and define it. The product stays on all day. I use an ELF essential eyeliner brush to put the product on and it works just fine!

I like my brows to start really soft in the front simply because I like brows with a gradient from light to dark and brows that start dark in the front makes me look angry and doesn't flatter my features or frame my eyes at all. 

I picked up this beauty trick from a new friend. I got really interested when I saw her coloring her brows with a ordinary brown mascara. I tried it out for myself and was really impressed. Previously I had been using an eye brow mascara from Canmake and the color of the mascara was very reddish brown and didn't suit my eyebrows.

The first place I planned to hunt down a cheap and good mascara was at Mustafa. If you haven't been to mustafa, you're missing out. It's the PERFECT place to go beauty shopping. They carry such interesting brands and over them at really good prices. And the best part is, they open 24 HOURS. The selection there is crazy!

So i just chose this brown mascara from CCUK for only SGD $3!
I'll rate this an 8/10

It can be really wet when you apply it so I use a tissue to clean off 95% of it off the brush the i slowly colour the hairs brown. It's super easy to use especially when you're in a hurry. After the soft application i shape them with the elf eye brow kit.

After starting from light to a slightly darker application, I like to end my brow routine by darkening the tips of my eye brows with a dark brown eye brow pencil. I always prefer my eyebrows to be brown instead of black because black eyebrows just look too fierce on me.

This is given to me by sweet grandmother who remembered when I told her I loved the eyebrow pencil she's using and got me one :D
I'm unfamiliar with this brand but she said she had bought it from a beauty store at the Tampines Interchange.
I'll give this a 5/10 as it will make your hairs stick together when you draw them

Elf eyebrow treat and tame in the shade Medium

Bought this online for SGD $4.50 and had the worst experience with the seller. The coloured side works just like an eye brow mascara. The colour is a very reddish brown colour and doesn't compliment my eye brows, It actually made them look pretty fake. I've also heard the treat side did help some people grow more hairs on their eyebrows.

I'll rate this a 3/10

Revlon just bitten kissable balmstain in the shade 025 Sweetheart Valentine
Sold at almost all the Watsons that carry Revlon, it's a pigmented lipbalm that moisturizes while giving you rich colour and shine. I love how this lip balm leave a stain because it doesn't leave your lips bare and making you look pale.

When applied:
after eating and drinking:

I love this colour! Such a beautiful hot pink shade. The only down side is that smell a little medicated.
I'll rate this a 7/10

The balm's Mary-lou highlighter.
OMG is the only word that can describe this. I have wanted this for so long and received it as a birthday gift from mum. Thanks mum!

First off I love the pretty packaging! Love the whole pin up idea. The balm's products are mostly super cute and pretty with loads of pinup designs!

The highlighter itself was no disappointment  A beautiful champagne highlighter that gives such a beautiful glow to a dull face. I believe it can suit even darker skin tones  So far I've only come across Sasa at Nex which sells it. It's quite pricey at SGD $36.90 but definitely worth it because a little goes a long way with this product.

Here's a swatch:
It highlights so beautifully :D
I'll rate this a 8/10

Sheene choco oil free cake powder in the shade C1

Got this because I feeling so lazy to apply foundation so I got a two way cake. This powder is amazing! I use it to set my foundation of just use it with concealer. Although it's a two way cake the powder is very fine and when you use the sponge pad given to apply and press it into the skin, you'll get great coverage. There aren't a lot of shades available so if you're darker you might wanna skip this product.

I got this at BHG at Century Square for only SGD $9.90! BHG really does carry loads of interesting products so you might wanna give it a try!
I'll rate this a 8/10

Was in search of a good concealer and grabbed this concealer straight away after swatching it at a sale! It's the Camo quad in light by Costal Scents. I had four different shades, a salmon coloured one, a yellow coloured one, a pink based beige colour and a white.

It's really creamy and a little goes a long way with this product. It also covers pretty well considering that my dark circles are pretty bad. The only down side is that i got a shade a little too light for me :(

It costs SGD $19.90 at a sale event by Watsons at Nex.
I'll rate this an 8/10

Here is the swatch:
credits to picture owner

These three brushes were bought because i had herd good things about the ELF essential blending eye brush.

The blending eye brush (center brush) is a perfect crease brush for me. I can also use it blend out my eye shadows as well. Because I have pretty small Asian eyes, typical crease brushes are too big for my eye and they tend to deposit the colour all over instead of a concentrated area. But this eye brush fits just nice and it's so soft that i also blends colour well.

Got myself a ELF powder brush because I needed a contour brush for my bronzer. This brush is small enough to contour the sides of my face without colouring my whole cheek. It's not the softest brush but for it's price I guess it works just fine.

The eye liner brush (orange haired brush) is the brush i use alongside my elf eyebrow kit to fill in my brows. I like how it's cut straight across so it's easy to draw shape my eyebrows with it.
These brushes are SGD $4 each and SGD $10 for three at Scape underground which is located next to Orchard Cineleisure.

I'll rate this a 7/10

Got myself an neon hot pink nail polish form Sasa at Nex for SGD $3
Just an average nail polish, doesn't have a name or a brand. It chipped 2 days after the application without a top coat. I'll rate this a 5/10

This ELF tinted moisturizer in Nude cost only $4 with normal postage

I purchased this online together with the ELF eyebrow kit from the same seller. Somehow tinted moisturizers also seem so appealing but i never like the finish of it. It's a little bit darker for me and I do realise that it does oxidize a little. It does not provide much coverage but does the job at evening out your skin tone. On the website it does show an array of colors to chose from which is pretty good.

I'll rate this a 5/10 

Got this off Gmarket and if you're interested here's the link:

Made of all organic ingredients this lip balm does the job at moisturizing your lips. It smells just like vanilla like what it's named, Organic Vanilla lip balm by Madre Bees. I realise that it does stay on for quite away and my lips did feel better! It costs SGD $3 with normal posatge

I'll rate this an 7/10

Got this ELF flawless Concealer brush off Gmarket as well and I simply love it! Costs less sthan SGD $10 with normal postage and it makes blending concealer so much easier! I cant blend concealer for nuts so this has been my life saver. The brush is so soft and so sleek. I'm in love!
I'll rate this a 9/10

That's all for this part of the haul post! Let me know if you like this kind of post and if you want more because I'll be receiving more items soon. Sorry for the wordy post, but if you like them do let me know as well.

If you have questions regarding the items, please leave a comment & I would reply me as much as I can :)

It would mean so much if you continue to stay tune for my next post! 
Lots of love,

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