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Last week's highlight was the Essence and Catrice sale that I attended. I remember when I first came across Essence in secondary school and me and my friends loved how affordable it was! Then came along Catrice which I only came to know about this year. Nothing makes me happier than affordable make up! I remember getting really upset knowing that I had missed Essence's last private sale </3 So I made sure I had to attend the next sale. And I sure did! Went crazy buying loads of stuff that missed from their pass collections. I was pretty surprise at the fact that Catrice was there too. I had so much fun going through all the make up! So here's what I go for $64.50:

Picked up a mint green liquid liner from Catrice's Cucuba collection and a gold liner from Essence's collection, they were all so pretty! I will blog about an eye look I'm current;y wearing with the gold liner soon! the gold liner was really pigmented, not what i expected. The mint green liner need about 2 coats or so to get the colour shown in the tube. But both were great buys at $2 for the gold one and $3 for the mint green one.

The number one item that I planned to get was Essence's stay all day cream eye shadow in copy right. Oh my gosh....the excitement I had when I found out they were selling them at the private sale. This particular cream eye was my go to eye colour for months and when it dried out and a new one wasn't available any more I got really sad :( But thankfully, I managed to get a new one and of course many more colours because that's how much I love my cream eye shadows♥♥

 photo DSC00516_zps44c64afe.jpg
 photo DSC00513_zps6850487b.jpg


I really loved all the colours but I was so so so disappointed! When i tried the testers at the sale, they were so creamy soft and glide on to my hand so smoothly without it being clumpy. I picked up the colours after I tested them and I made sure all of them were sealed and brand new. After I made payment, I opened them up to take a look and I was so upset because both of the cream shadows from the " a new league" collection from Essence were so dried up to the point that I had to put a good amount of pressure when swirling my fingers in the pot to collect some colour. And you can see from the swatches above, the pigmentation is quite alright, but it took a few times and pressure to produce that kind of intensity which was really upsetting. The catrice cream eye shadow however, never fail to impress me. 
The swatch above was only made one with a light amount of pressure. The texture of the Catrice made to stay shadows are really amazingly smooth, soft and silky. The only thing I don't like about these cream shadows is the fact that they have quite a lot of shimmer which makes the colour look really glittery and sometimes a bit too much for day make up. But I embrace the shimmers anyway.

I also got three of my favourite Catrice precision eye pencils because they were 3 for $5 ☺
here's a swatch of the colours:

Got 2 of the brown 070 I wood if I could (5th from left) which is my FAVOURITE brown eye liner and it last really long on my eyes and it's so pretty. I use it almost every time I do my eye make up. I also got the purple, 110 My ninja purple ( 1st from the right) just to try it out.

Also, I got 2 Catrice lip products! A lip stain in Meet Mrs Roosevelt which I have been dyingggg to get! And  an Ultimate colour lipstick in 130 Frozen rose. 
The swatches respectively:

The lip stain smells really good and I like the fact that the applicator is a felt tip so I can easily control where I place the colour. The lipstick is really creamy but comes off as patchy :( It's more of a pale pink colour on my lips then a rose colour. These 2 together with the Catrice cream shadow were 3 for $10 which was such a good deal because a lip stain at rtp is already around $6.
And to my surprise there were also perfumes on sale! 2 for $18 and so my friend and I went crazy and bought a few.

This was the bill:
and if you spent above $40 you get a free Adidas hat.

As if that day alone wasn't enough..... hehe i went back on the last day for a part 2!

And this was what I got:
The whole purpose of going back a second time was actually to pick up the dual ended eye liner shown above. But as usual, I picked up more than I needed ^^

And also, on the last day I did realise that they had a lot more testers as compared to the first day, I found that quite a waste because it should have been there from the start. But oh well.

Got a tinted moisturiser from Essence for $2. Wasn't too impressed when I tried it on the next day. It's a anti-bacterial moisturiser which I'm really not a fan of. It hurts like a stinging pain when I apply it. Just like the anti-bacterial face wash, I didn't like how it affected my skin. 

I also got a 3 in 1 concealer for $3, the pink in the trio helps my under eyes appear slightly brighter which is always good because I have such horrible dark eye rings. The concealer wouldn't be too good at covering blemishes and it doesn't have much of a heavy coverage.

Picked up 4 nail polishes for $5..the colours were pretty okay. Nothing special in my opinion.
The highlighter from Essence's Fantasia collection is a pinky highlighter which just slightly passes the borderline for being too shimmery. Doesn't make your skin super glowy but does the job as a everyday highlighter.

And this was the star of the show, supposedly. Herd a lot about putting a nude/ skin coloured eye liner in the waterline of your eyes making you look more awake  so I thought I'd give it a try.
Got all these under $17 and am really happy with the items. Make sure you check out Catrice and Essence's next private sale if given the chance!

That's all for today's post!
 hope you enjoyed this post & let me know what products have you recently bought?
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It would mean so much if you continue to stay tune for my next post! 
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