Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I feel like recently all I have been doing are hauls after reviews after hauls again and again. But I just can't contain this make up buying addiction! And naturally the cyber world has taken over me. I mean my addiction, opening me up to wonderful new products and brands that I never knew about. Today, I'm writing about Sleek, a brand I've herd so many times in the beauty blogspere. I have herd about sleek and it's wonderful pigmented blushes and pretty pallets but I never thought I'd own one because it's not available locally. Thankfully we have the internet! Actually, Carousell. I found someone selling it and was beyond stoked that it was only going for $8 with postage. I bought it immediately. I got Sleek's blush in Rose Gold.

I was quite surprised when I saw how small it really is. But I herd that despite it's size, it does contain quite a lot of product. It looks really shimmery when you look at it in the packaging. The "shimmery" effect of the blush doesn't disappear off the first layer after you swatch it, unlike most shimmery / pearl blushes. The shimmer goes all the way through the product which i find it pretty neat!~ This blush does not have any scent to it or anything.
Here's a swatch:
As you can see, it's not glittery or anything like that. It actually has a very nice goldish reflect and reflects really nicely in light. I do find it a bit of an not so "youthful" colour like pink or peaches. But that's just how I see it. It's exactly what it's name suggest, a rose colour with gold pearls, rose gold. I did swatch it a few times with slightly heavier force to reach it's maximum intensity. Maybe it was because I used a light hand. But this blush doesn't seem that pigmented as I would have expected it to be. I did read a bunch of reviews before purchasing it and all the posts I read mentioned how pigmented it was. I found it quite strange that mine didn't look sooooo pigmented.  :/

Here's how it looks on me:
Please excuse my hideous bath robe in this post. Haha! I wear a bath robe while I do my makeup usually and obviously paid no attention to my attire when I took this photo. Oops!
There's a visible amount of shine coming from my cheeks but it isn't reflecting enough for me. Nothing beats The Balm's Mary-lou Manizer which I did a mini review and also linked it. So in comparison to that, it's only reflects a bit :( which is quite disappointing because from the photos I saw they looked so reflective T_T
To be fair, I did apply with a light hand because I don't like my cheeks looking too red. It is pretty buildable though!
I did really liek this blush though. To think about it, it is a real time saver because it's a highlighter and blush all in one. Perfect for people like me who can't not wear highlighter thanks to my dry dull looking skin. MEH. But I did expect more from it. It's a pretty blush after all and I'm definitely buying more sleek blushes. I'm already eyeing some ;D

That's all for today's post!

 hope you enjoyed this post & let me know what are your favorite blushes and why?

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  1. Hi Desiree I'm commenting coz your blog is sad and comment-less ANYWAY speaking of blush I kinda want to start wearing blush opinions recommend me a blush ok ily bye <3

      We should go makeup shopping one day and I can recommend some blushes to you =)

  2. Hi, Desiree, I really like your blog. And I like all the posts you have posted^^ I like the Josie Maran coconut water colour cheek Gelee blusher that I bought from Sephora. Continue writing blog posts! I really look forward to reading them all the time^^

    1. Hi there Ari! Your comment really makes my day :D Thank you for the support, will definitely try to write more posts! I'm not sure if they sell Josie Maran cosmetics here in Singapore because i've only seen the skincare range but I'll definitely check it out if i see it. Thank you^^