Wednesday, 17 July 2013


So just yesterday I was at Tampines One, excited about the fact that Essence had made it's way to Tampines. I went to check out their new collection, HUGS & KISSES. The collection was very Girly in my opinion. Loads of pink as pastel colours. It was also my first time witnessing an eye shadow palette from Essence! Had a hard time thinking of what to get due to my tight budget but I did manage to leave with something. Oh! If you intend on buying a bunch of items that add up to I think $15, do ask for a free gift pack! ( I was only a few bucks away from the gift bag :( stupid me!!)
Here's what I got....
Saw this pressed translucent powder recently and if I'm not wrong it's pretty new. Picked it up and tried it out for the first time today. I really like how it seamlessly blends into my skin. The powder is finely milled so when you apply it, it doesn't look cakey.
What it claims to do
The only bad thing a bout this powder is that it gives a slight white cast but my skin tone is fair enough for it to blend into my skin. Love love love the Finnish it gives! A naturally matte look <3

I use the elf studio powder brush to set my powder.

I also got another item,
A lip tint in sugar baby love from essence's hugs & kisses collection. Oh my gosh does it smell amaaaaazing! Smells like candy :O
This is a really bright lipstain that stays on  for a quite a Seng amount of time if you are eating and drinking.
The applicator is so unique, haven't come across such a shape before. Definite got me interested! 

Here's a swatch of it freshly applied 
It's very bring, almost a neon like pink.
But when it's dry it looks more of a bright rose or a hot pink colour. Really natrual Finnish as well.
Here it is all messily swatched on my lips.
Please ignore the hardcore editing around my skin, not wearing much foundation with coverage today so all my imperfections are trying to say hello. 
That's all for my quick haul turned review hah. Hope you like it! Do share with me any of your favourite products that you have just purchased in the comments down below.

It would mean so much if you continue to stay tune for my next post! 
Lots of love,

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