Thursday, 25 July 2013


Hello readers! Ever since I got the blogger app on my phone it has made blogging so much more easier and not so much of a chore... But here I am with a small post! I was recently looking through my photos and found a collage I had put together with 4 different looks!
Starting from the top left corner:
1. A green and neon orange eye look with green on the lower lashes!
I'd love this look for a retro themed party or just a bright eye look for the summer days!

2. A slightly smoked out silver eye look with a dark outer corner. Not to mention a silver inner corner to brighten up the eyes.
Definitely a day look! The subtle hint of darkness makes the look soft enough to wear it in the day time.

3. A silvery smokey eye! A very simple yet  interesting smoky eye with a silver twist! 
The eye look is completed with a small winged liner.
Perfect if you are hitting the clubs!

4. A gold and brown smokey eye with intense cat eye liner.
My favourite look out of the 4! The ultimate glam look! I loved the combination of the brown and gold, it adds so much warmth to the eyes. The eyeliner takes the whole look to another level of sexiness! Perfect for a girls night out or a dinner event!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I thought I'd write about something different since all my post are mostly talking about products! I hope my post inspired you to try out different looks for different occasions and not just your everyday liner and mascara look. Have a great week ahead readers!!

It would mean so much if you continue to stay tune for my next post! 
Lots of love,

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