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Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good day. I have a skincare review for everyone today :D
From left to right: Pond's dry skin cream, Pond's white beauty lightening toner, Pond's white beauty pinkish- white glow lightening facial foam, Pond's cold cream cleanser.
If you're not familiar with the brand Pond's, try asking your mum about it. It has been around for ages! Pond's is a affordable brand with products that actually work!

One of my favourite products from Ponds is the cold cream cleanser. It does a perfect job at removing my makeup, fuss free all in one step!
This cold cream cleanser is PERFECT for lazy people like me. When I come home from a long day the only thing I want to do is fall asleep on my bed, so I get pretty lazy when it comes to the thought of removing mg makeup. Luckily the Ponds cold cream removes all sorts of makeup from fake lashes to waterproof mascara. I wear the maybeline falsies waterproof version and I pile on the coats! Naturally the wax in the mascara makes it slightly harder to remove. I don't see myself having a need to use an oil based remover anymore because I can just wash my face with the cold cream cleanser and seriously all the makeup just comes off!
Here's my hand full of foundation, waterproof eye liner, lipstick & lip liner.
Look at how by just rubbing the make up with the cold cream cleanser it just comes off so easily!
After that I'll  just rinse off with water and tadah no more makeup!
A con about the cleanser is that it does leave an oily resedue which I don't like too much but it's not too oily.

Normally I follow with a face wash. I use 
Ponds white beauty facial foam.
I've been using it for  about a year and my favourite thing about it is that it's really creamy and soapy, it lathers up really well unlike those very thin consistency facial foams.
It's really affordable and it doesn't dry out my skin at all! I have a problem with facial foams. They often dry out my skin and leaves it tight after each wash but this face wash leave my skin feeling clean ad soft without it feeling tight! I also notice that I look fairer after washing my face. But I'm not too sure if my mind is playing a trick on me but nonetheless this facial foam is my favourite!
After washing my face I'll pay myself dry and apply toner.
I love the smell of this toner! I think it's pretty comparable to the Nivea refreshing toner (used to be my all time fav).
It removes all my excess makeup  as seen above. It also leaves qyour skin soft, clean and moisturized.. Definitely not tight at all. I also realise a cooling effect on my skin after I applied it.
After toner I Finnish off with moisturizer. First off I must say this dry skin cream is THE BEST AFFORDABLE MOISTURIZER EVER! It's thick which is perfect for my dehydrated skin and it smells pleasant. Actually all of Pond's skincare products smell really good generally! It does not contain SPF so it's more suitable as a night cream. I apply it at night so it can all soak into my skin by the time it's morning. I am expect to wake up with moisturized and soft skin - no kidding! 

Here's a phro of the cold cream cleanser and the dry skin cream. The dry skin cream is around 2/3 the size of the cold cream cleanser but a little goes a long way!

The moisturizer costs less then $7 and it's almost always sold out at mustafa! And if you're not familiar, mustafa does carry their items in bulk and most of the time their items are never out of stock for me but when it comes to this dry skin cream, I can hardly find it. I was told by the staff that it sells out pretty fast. So I guess you can have a rough idea how good this moisturizer is!
The facial foam / face wash only costs $3   while the toner is less then $5 and you can find it almost anywhere! I find it at my local minimart in my local Hdb Neighbourhood.
The cold cream cleanser can also be found anywhere but I always get mine from mustafa at less than $8.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you happen to try Ponds skincare range or have any favourites from Ponds I would love to hear about it! :)

Ps. So sorry for the low image quality! I am currently testing out blogging with my phone :/

It would mean so much if you continue to stay tune for my next post! 
Lots of love,

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