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I'm not a generally very hairy person (lol such an awkward thing to type) but I do have an amount of really annoying unwanted hair. I thought I would share my way of removing unwanted facial hair. I have annoying hair on my upper lip. I know its not super super obvious but I did have people pointing it out. I'm pretty fair, an NC25 to be exact. I have really dark black hair naturally so any type of hair against my fair skin really stands out. It bugs me a lot especially when I am wearing a bright red lip or any bright colour on my lips because it stands out a lot more than it normally does. So being sick and tired of all the unwanted hair, I began my journey to banish my girl moustache lolol. 
Was doing my usual midnight Mustafa beauty shopping when I came a cross this:

Inside the box:

Till this day I do not know if this was a very smart buy at all. I followed the instructions and applied it to my upper lip. It did hurt a little bit but I think its pretty normal since it's bleach. But I was in shock after I rinsed off the bleach! The perimeter of my lips turned really dark! Like quite a number of shades darker than the original colour of my lips. I was very upset and actually quite angry. I went to search online on how I could have received such a horrible outcome?!? And there was no answer! So if you are reading this and considering to purchase facial hair bleach, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Do make a test mark on other places rather than your precious face! Us girls, our faces are soooo precious! 
While bleaching my stash I also played around with the dye and dyed the ends of my hair hahaha! Tried to create an "ombre" look but failed miserably. Bleaching the hair did help it disappear from the public for a week or so. It quick resurfaced and I was forced to find an alternative solution.

At another random visit to Mustafa:
I found waxing strips for facial hair. It was quite affordable too!
One packet of facial wax strips contain around 8 piece of strips that can be individually divided into 2 strips just by tearing them apart. I use 1 strip for my upper lip and my eyebrows. I made sure I made full use of the strips by cutting them to the right sizes and fitting them at desired areas.
I cannot express how easy and fuss free waxing is!! Although I did remember being really scared that it will hurt after I placed one whole strip of wax on my upper lip without thinking. LOL! I took up the courage and pulled my skin tight and.....walah! All the hair were gone and I was left like this  0_0 All my hair was removed. It did hurt a little, from a scale from 1 to 10 it was maybe a 2 or 3. It's the kinda pain that you would say felt quite "shiok" haha. Or at least to me it felt good. The whole hair removal process merely took way less than a minute. It's pretty fuss free even thought I had to try many ways to remove the stubborn sticky wax from my skin. Eventually I did come up with a solution.
Oh my god....the smell of coconut oil just makes me go *ahhhhhhhh* Is coconut oil the most pleasant smelling oil or what?! This bottle cost only $1 plus and it's uses are almost endless!

Read about the uses for coconut oil here

What I do is, I put some coconut oil on a make up sponge and drag and dab it on sticky areas caused by the wax. The oil helps remove the wax efficiently and also at the same time moisturise your skin. I've heard coconut oil can not only remove make up but also moisturise. I am thinking of trying it out and reviewing it soon! Hopefully I'll get around to that :D

Note to anyone who's planning to try waxing (esp on your upper lip) :

As you can see from the pictures above, my upper lip & my cupids bow did started to swell quite a bit after I started waxing. So please don't do it before a special occasion where you have to look really good!! 
Other than the occasional swelling, I don't see a reason why anyone should not give waxing a try if you are really insecure of your facial hairs.

That's all for today's post, till next time!

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  1. Hello :-) Thanks for the post it helped a lot! May I know how long it took for your swelling to completely go away after waxing?